Resources Links

General Resources

Resources For Economists
Intute Economics
Charles Holt (Experimental Economics)
FEEM (Environmental Economics)
Comics on Grad Students

2 Writing Resources

Tips on Writing Economics Papers (list)
How to Publish in Top Journals
How to Write a Publishable Paper

3 Electronic Textbooks

Online Text and Notes in Econometrics
Advanced Econometrics M. Creel
Cookbook in Mathematics V. Vinogradov
Downloadable Books UCLA
Handbooks in Economics Elsevier

4 Free Software

Gretl (Econometrics)
OpenOffice (Office suite) (+ TeX equations via OOlatex extension)
LyX (nice multiplatform LaTeX GUI)
MaCTeX a Tex distribution for Mac

4.1 R resources

R project (+ data)
R learning resources UCLA
Quick R
R forum in French
R mailing lists archive
Jaguar Java Gui for R